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Bikaner-based 28-year-old Dilip Kumar Singh is enrolled in a Rajpur-based Law college, and rents a room with an unstable male, Rananjay Singh. His attempts to re-locate to a hostel, pits him against a group of men, led by Jadhwal, who not only assault, but also molest him, and then lock him in a dark room with a naked and abused female, Anuja. He recuperates in a hospital and joins hands with Rananjay and Dukey Bana to avenge this humiliation, as well as befriends Anuja, who is a Lecturer in the college. He also decides to support Rananjay, who is legitimate son of a former Raja, to run for college elections – and it is this decision that will shatter and change his life forever
just moments after seeing the movie, I am speechless about it. A pretty heavy, engrossing and brain-consuming movie, its definitely not for the casual cinema-goers. For the more adventurous or socially opinionated people, its worth a watch. personally, i’d watch it over again, being a brilliant take on manipulative politics. One may compare it with other movies based on politics, but the major difference in this is that it relates with the simple minded, down to earth common man and how certain events can bring a destructive change in his mentality.

Set in a topical theme of Rajasthani traditions, it sets an account of how a straightforward, common, hard working man faces challenges of the grim modern world. The theme is engrossingly fast, manipulative and gripping (provided you don’t expect an action filled murder mystery). So much being said and shown in the movie in so less a time, makes your brain racing on the heels of the movie.

Apart from the story line, the other most credulous thing about the movie is its ensemble cast. the only famous star, Kay Kay shines with his aggressive attitude perfectly. The main protagonist makes a stark resemblance with the innocence of superman’s parallel life as a worker newspaper company.

Another very important positive are the songs (not all but some of them). Using old classics like ‘Yeh Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaaye To ..’ and Indian Bhajan’s/Patriotic numbers and mixing them to make them relevant to the movie is a brave attempt, which has surely paid off for Anurag Kashyap.

Though my only worry about the movie is that for which kind of audience is such a movie prepared

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