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Michael Karthikeyan (Vijay Sethupathi), a pizza delivery boy lives with his live in partner, Anu (Remya Nambeesan). She is an aspiring novelist writing a ghost story and researching for the same, whereas he doesn’t believe in supernatural powers. One fine day Anu tells him that he would soon realize that all this is not humbug. On hearing this, Michael is a little confused and scared. In the meantime, he comes to know that his boss Shanmugam’s (Naren) daughter is possessed by a spirit. One particular day while delivering pizza to a customer named Smitha (Pooja), Michael runs out of change and she goes to first floor to bring for change. Smitha gets murdered suspiciously and to make matters worse the door gets locked automatically with Michael inside. The murdered woman’s husband Bobby (Simha) comes in search of her and he also gets killed by the ‘spirit’. When Michael is reeling under shock, he calls Anu to narrate the incidents that has happened right before him. She pacifies him promising all help and true to her words the police arrive on the spot in 20 minutes. The police reveal yet another shocking news to Michael. That is four people have been killed in the house thus far and one of them is his partner Anu. They also disclose that he is a suspect and want to arrest him. However, the police are also dragged into the house and killed. Not believing that Anu is dead, Michael rushes to the pizza shop to tell its owner Shanmugam that his daughter’s looks and the spirit that he had just seen seem to be alike. The owner starts to suspect if his daughter has anything to do with the murders. In the meantime Anu is missing and Michael gets very disturbed. He gets scared easily for small things, develops health problems and so on.

Climax: It is finally revealed that the entire ghost story was just fabricated by Michael and Anu. Shanmugam had given a stash of diamonds to Michael for giving the same in his house and he comes to know the contents by mistake. Michael and Anu discuss and formulate a plan to fool Shanmugam and his gang since he does not want a direct confrontation with him and act like a thief. After hearing the story, Shanmugam is reluctant to go to the ‘haunted’ house and retrieve the diamonds (which according to his belief are in the bungalow). Meanwhile Anu has moved to bangalore and has used the diamonds to get fake documentation for settling down in US. The audience relax that they know the ending but this is where it gets interesting. Michael goes for delivery for another house and the bill amount happens to be exactly the same as the one for the story he fabricated. The time in the clock and several artifacts in the house also resemble the ones in his story. As he realizes this, the doors and windows of the house close automatically and he stands in state of shock and the movie ends there leaving the viewers to decide his fate

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