Gunday 2014 Xvid DVDRip BluRay Movie Torrent Download

Gunday 2014Release Date :
Gunday 2014Feb 14, 2014
Gunday 2014
Gunday 2014Director :
Ali Abbas Zafar
Gunday 2014
Gunday 2014Genre :
Gunday 2014Action, Crime, Drama
Gunday 2014
Gunday 2014Writer :
Ali Abbas Zafar
Gunday 2014Language :
Gunday 2014Hindi
Gunday 2014Cast & Crew :
Ranveer Singh, Arjun
Kapoor, Priyanka
Chopra, Irrfan Khan
plot :
The story of Bikram &
Bala, set in 1970s Kolkata.
When they ran to save their lives
for the first time, they were mer
e 12 year-old boys, and the world
called them refugees. The war of
1971 gave birth to a new country
Bangladesh. It also gave birth to two
young orphans Bikram and Bala. They
witnessed the war and its aftermath,
where the world tried to trample
over them. Fighting for survival,
they clung to each other and
escaped to Calcutta.

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SIZE 765


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